Learn React while building a game

Let's face it, learning a new framework is boring. Well, not while building a game!

Launch date: 15th November


🕹 2.5 hours of screencasts divided into short bingeable videos
🕹 Exercises after each lesson to solidify what you learn
🕹 The entire source code, with code comments
"My friend Siddharth is definitely someone I recommend learning from. He works on cool projects, makes interesting, useful, and unique educational material, and is an all around fun person."

Kent C. Dodds, PayPal Engineering, TC39, egghead.io, FrontendMasters


👾 Creating your first component
👾 Writing presentation components
👾 Using JSX
👾 Passing props
👾 Conditional styling
👾 Internal state
👾 Attach event listeners
👾 Lifecycle methods
👾 Updating state
"I wish I had learned React from Sid"

Max Stoiber, cofounder spectrum.chat, built styled-components


Siddharth builds design systems with React for Auth0
past: frontend architect at Practo
built bundlesize, cost-of-modules and a bunch of open source projects
3.5 M downloads on npm · 7.6 K stars on github
regular speaker at javascript conferences
🇮🇳 JSChannel · JSFoo · ReactFoo 🇵🇱 CodeEurope 🇬🇧 ReactFest · Design Systems conf🇸🇪 ConFront
teaches React on youtube, co-organiser React Bangalore meetup